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d.b.a Media Group Changes Name to Catalyst Media Design, Grows from Zero to 14 Million in Just Three Years and Launches Re-Branded Web Site

Projects Over 16 Million by 2013

Scottsdale, AZ – (October 24, 2012) — A woman-owned business in Arizona – pretty commonplace these days. One woman with one of the fastest growing media service companies in Scottsdale, AZ, billing an estimated 14 million in just three years – NEWS – and by 2013 she estimates 16 million in billing – A FORCE. Owned by Liz Scott, Catalyst Media Design is a media organization with only three years in business with many more anticipated milestones in the future of the company.

Scott previously worked at a firm called RMG Marketing, Phoenix. She says that RMG was one of the most sophisticated shops in the region and she was initially drawn to the firm for its commitment to research. In 2009, she and others were given the choice to continue with RMG under a new direction handed down by corporate ownership to provide only Direct Response media services. According to Scott, “The decision was made to leave the company so that a handful of us could continue to offer our clients a full spectrum of media services. I decided that a small team could come together and continue to provide clients with the comprehensive offering we felt they needed to be successful. It was one of those life changing moments where you just know what you need to do. It wasn’t the easy choice but it was the right one.” With the decision to decline the intended new direction, RMG closed and the new company, d.b.a. Media Group, was formed.

After two years incubating at Arizona State University’s SkySong facility, the company recently relocated to 6991 East Camelback, Scottsdale, AZ at the corner of Goldwater and Camelback. The firm’s 10 employees will now spread out over approximately 1,800 square feet. The company has grown significantly in billings and staff over the past three years; Scott is extremely proud that several staffers are returning team members, having also worked for RMG Marketing, prior to its closure.

Specializing as an independent, full-service media agency, their competencies include media research, planning, buying, and optimization. The range of services include Television (both traditional and Direct Response), Radio, Print, Out of Home, Digital, Direct Mail, Promotions, Non-Traditional and Multicultural Media, with placements extending across the U.S and International markets.

The Name Change

Capping off the move is a branding name change to Catalyst Media Design, which mirrors the expansive growth that the company has been able to sustain in an economy that has wavered during their three years in business. According to Scott, “Our team has worked diligently and cohesively to become one of the strongest media teams in the Valley. The name Catalyst signifies an entity that accelerates a reaction much in the way that we gain a reaction from our client’s media campaigns. We want to be the “catalyst” that stimulates the growth of their organization through well planned and executed media campaigns designed for maximum impact.” Scott continued, “In today’s market you need to create and sustain a proactive, flexible culture to ensure you not only stay on top of technological advancements and new opportunities available in media but with the changes that occur in our clients’ individual organizations as well.”

d.b.a Media Group will become Catalyst Media Design, initiating its new name on October 24th at 6:00 p.m. sharp as their new website goes live and their clients and guests are introduced to the new brand name at a private third anniversary celebration. Scott added, “Our clients and media partners have been a huge support since day one and the annual anniversary party is really a celebration of those relationships. We thought, what better way to communicate the news of our rebrand than to share it with this important group at our annual event.”

Agency Growth

One of the largest growth stories for Catalyst Media Design has been in the arena of digital media. In an expansion decision, Catalyst made the investment in a platform to allow all digital media buying in-house, giving them 24/7 access and complete transparency. This investment has resulted in significantly increased results and savings to their clients.  Scott states, “To be able to extend the benefit of offering all media on- and offline handled in one shop is significant for an advertiser. We have the ability to move dollars seamlessly to the best performing media placements within flight creating even greater value for our clients.” Scott continued, “We consider ourselves to be leaders in the integration of on- and offline media and bringing digital media buying in-house only furthered this competitive advantage for us. We are one of few agencies who can stand up and be counted on this front.”

The Economy

Starting a company in 2009 in an economy that was wavering took guts and determination and an unwavering strength and confidence. Scott remembers, “The fact that we were starting our company in a period in which advertising budgets were down or in some cases, eliminated, didn’t phase us; by that point we’d been advising our clients that a down economy is the time to establish your company as a stable brand and take advantage of lower available advertising rates. Many of our clients were able to move on this advice and as a result have increased their market share well beyond where they would have in a regular economy. The reality is that an unprecedented numbers of our clients are leaders in their respective categories and have emerged from the last several years in a better position than when they started. We are proud to have contributed to that success.”

Catalyst Media Design clients include: AlphaGraphics, Arizona State University, City of Phoenix, IHOP Restaurants, KTVK 3TV, KASW CW6, KMVA 97.5 FM, The Little Gym, Macerich, Shea Homes Active Lifestyle & Trilogy Communities, Weight Watchers, Wet ‘n’ Wild, and Valley of the Sun United Way.