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What We Do

We provide the catalyst to propel our clients’ business forward.

The name catalyst signifies an entity that accelerates a reaction much in the way that our clients gain a reaction from our media campaigns. We provide sound, strategic media plans designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness—the catalyst that stimulates growth in their organization and drives their business forward every day.

We believe that data and research are the keys to a successful media plan and strive to learn everything we can about a client’s business and the industry in which they operate before making a single recommendation. Beyond the research, we excel in media planning, buying, and optimization. We subscribe to all the tools and resources needed to stay on the leading edge in our industry; tools that all agency clients benefit from.

Continued investments in resources and staff has brought significantly increased results and savings to our clients.


  • Investment Management

    The media investment is generally the largest portion of the overall marketing budget—a pretty important reason to have the right team in place.  We feel that team needs a quarterback—someone to help each client navigate through all phases of each campaign and ensure their important investment is carefully managed.  Every Catalyst Media Design client is assigned an “investment manager,” commonly known as an account manager.  This individual serves as the primary day to day contact and head translator of all things media.  They are up to speed on the client’s business, category, and all marketing and media initiatives.  Their job is to not only direct the internal team to ensure projects are completed on time and on spec, but to steward the client’s investment from start to finish.  Account staff at Catalyst Media Design have a solid understanding of the media business and participate alongside planners, buyers, and other agency staff in continued education opportunities to ensure a well-rounded, informed contact for our clients.

  • Research

    Research is the foundation for every media action we execute – whether it’s defining a customer profile, planning, buying, or a point of view summary.  It all starts with research.  We see the value in investing in the top media research available today and also understand that you must have the right staff in place to interpret the data.  The Catalyst Media Design research and planning staff are well trained across a variety of platforms that allows them to define a target audience, understand consumer behavior, gain insights in media consumption, analyze competitive spending data and trends, and use this knowledge to develop strategic media plans.  With complete access to syndicated research tools, we can not only generate the necessary reports, but pull them again and again, in different ways.  This allows us to look at things from various angles and ensures we have explored all aspects of consumer behavior before making important investment decisions.

    Another aspect of our research driven approach is the information provided by our clients.  We encourage all clients to provide data which we then analyze independent of and in conjunction with syndicated and other applicable research.  This allows us to find similarities and/or differences between the sets of data, which takes our learning to a higher level.

    Research doesn’t end with strategic planning either.  We use the research in our buying process as well.  We ensure that our buyers are equipped with all of the information they need to get the best value for our clients.

    The bottom line is that we are able to provide our clients with unbiased research and recommendations from the strategy phase through negotiation.

  • Media Planning

    We have a proven media planning process that is greatly appreciated by our clients.  One that involves them every step of the way.  We start by outlining our process and providing a planning timeline customized for the project at hand.  It ensures we will have the necessary time spent on each phase of the plan, builds in approvals and is completed within the necessary window for final buy negotiations and placements.  We also build out our traffic and production timelines upfront to ensure we meet vendor material deadlines.

    Media Objectives and Strategies
    After all the research and a thorough understanding of the overall Marketing and Advertising objectives are completed, the media team crafts specific, detailed, measurable media  goals and outlines the path to get there.

    Media Mix
    This is where the consumer research really comes into play.  We provide our clients with an in-depth look at how their target audience consumes, interacts and engages with the variety of media choices at their disposal.  Then we not only provide our recommended media mix, we inform them of what we also considered and why it wasn’t selected.

    Media Tactics
    This could be considered the road map for the campaign.  We provide the details by media type…vendors being considered, ad units, where will the creative be running, and schedule dates.  And we include all the rationale behind the recommendation.

    Media Flowchart
    The resulting flowchart is the visual representation of the media campaign that illustrates all media activity including media vendors, flight dates, ad units, reach, frequency, total rating point(s), costs, % spend by media type, etc.

  • On and Offline Media Buying

    We’ve got a unique approach to buying media.  Anyone can tell you they have the lowest rates, but what we strive for is the best solution—a media buy that really resonates with the target consumer.  Efficiencies are critically important in providing value to our clients, and we strive to deliver the lowest available rates, but we make sure that all media decisions are made with the support of sound research and data.  We negotiate rates and ratings, as well as utilize “Q‐Ratings,” the qualitative index to the actual demographic/qualitative profile.  This allows us to dig deeper than a straight demographic buy.  For example, when targeting Women 25-44 with Television advertising, we can add in the qualifiers “work full-time” and “children 6-17” in the home and select stations, dayparts, and programs to reach this very busy target audience with efficiency.  We handle all buying in-house including Television, Radio, Out of Home, Print, Digital, Direct Response, Multi-cultural, Non-traditional media, and Promotions.  Our full-service media offering brings significant benefits to our clients in terms of complete media integration, as well as the ability to move dollars seamlessly to the best performing media placements within flight creating even greater efficiencies.  Added value is a requirement on all media buys and can take the form of rate discounts, no charge spots, premium positioning, custom promotions, you name it…just don’t name it standard because everything we do at Catalyst Media Design is built with the specific client and campaign in mind, all designed to map back to the overall objectives of the plan.

  • Search | Pay Per Click

    Connect with the people that already have their hands up.  We follow the basic rules of Search / Pay Per Click here at Catalyst Media Design:  Spend, Learn, Refine.  Customer acquisition can cost money. The good news is, PPC marketing is one of the most accountable and measurable forms of marketing. We help define budgets, and as we accumulate data from what is working and what doesn’t we refine the campaign, creating more efficient, effective search campaigns, leading to more efficient leads, sales, etc.

  • Optimization

    At Catalyst Media Design we strive to continually improve on results for our clients whether that relates to media metrics intrinsic to the media type or by actual client goals.  Campaign reporting is provided to each client on a predetermined basis.  Results are reviewed with each client including a summary of how we got to where we are and where we plan to take the campaign in the future.  We encourage clients to include tracking mechanisms wherever possible; in the case of Digital media placements we are able to monitor results at both ends—for example we review click through rate and conversions by Website/network but add in the layer of back-end data such as time spent on site and bounce rates.  Efficiency does not always equal effectiveness and it is our job to stay on top of all metrics to ensure goals are met or exceeded.